Degori was founded in 1992
and its production focuses on the manufacture of mattress protectors in a wide range of qualities.

Degori has more than 25 years of experience.

The company started with its two founder partners, working as service providers in the national market.

After 2 years, the company started growing and investing on its own fabrication, transforming the raw materials. This allowed the company to obtain a higher autonomy and control over the product, which also demanded more employees.

Quickly, with this exponential growth, Degori become more competitive and cross new markets, starting exporting in 1996.

Nowadays, the company has more than 20 internal employees and more than 10 partnerships with companies in terms of product confection, to be able to face the exports volume.

More recently, the company invested in a new warehouse with 6.000 m2.

Degori is, and wants to continue to be, a familiar company. The continuous investments and the organization improvement seeks to be recognized by the atual and potential markets, consolidate and boost its growth and create better working conditions.


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